The Pittsburgh Penguins: my anti-drug

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The Pittsburgh Penguins. My home team I LOVE!
We have team captain Sidney Crosby,
Sharing a home with Pittsburgh's Best Athlete.
The trade took away Colby and Eric.
Stacked the team with Hossa, Dupruis, and Gill.
No one wants to fight Roberts or Laraque.
Some teams try to stop the Pittsburgh Steel Line,
Only to have the goal buzzer to go off.
We win games due to Marc-Andre Fleury,
And the Pens will bring home the STANLEY CUP!!


Tiffany Gilbert said:

I love this!!!!!!!!!!


I lik'd to skate when I was but a lad.
Not in hockey -- just for fun with friends.
It never hurt to fall on slipp'ry ice.
To tell the truth, I fell down quite a lot.

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