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"...grammarians have warned us to be wary of the exclamation still shouts, flashes like neon, and jumps up and down"(Truss 137). 

I actually love the exclamation mark. I feel that it symbolizes me in a way. When I think of the exclamtion mark the following words/phrases come to my mind: loud, attention, and hey! look here. In the classroom I'm not an exclamtion mark, but if you are ever with me outside the classroom you would definitly agree that I am an exclamtion mark. I love talking and am loud all the time. I am crazy and know how to have fun...usually drawing attention to myslef and the group I'm hanging out with. The exclamtion mark is fun and so am I! 


Katie Vann said:

Well, Juliana, you and I see about sixty exclamation marks everyday. When I read this section on exclamation marks, the kids at the CDC are what I though of because they have so much energy all the time.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

Haha that was a cute entry Juliana!

Surprisingly, as much as I love the exclamation mark, I rarely use it (which is odd considering I write creepy horror fiction). Maybe I need to get on the exclamation point bandwagon.

Oh, and Katie your comment made me chuckle. I used to love when my little brother would write my notes with 5,000 exclamation points :)

Greta Carroll said:

Juliana, I am the exact opposite of you. I am very cautious to use exclamation marks. I am more of an introverted person, and using an exclamation mark garners so much attention that I have to think very carefully whether what I am saying really deserves this fluorescent highlight. You entry makes me consider whether the predilection to use exclamation marks is not related to our personalities—Introverts being afraid of this loud punctuation and extroverts welcoming them happily. You might want to check out my blog entry to see the other side of the exclamation mark:

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