Portfolio 3

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It's the end of my freshman year at Seton Hill University and I have never been happier. College is nothing like high school! I actually had to think and find out where the library was.(haha....no, but really I found out its that buiding right infront of my dorm) As for Intro to Literary Study, it was not as bad as I buit myself up to think. It taught me how to make deeper meaningful connections between texts and come to class prepared to have something to talk about. That's where blogging comes in. It's not my favorite, but I will admit its a good lead in to the next day's class. Dr. Jerz it's been great and here is my last portfolio.


Coverage: Sometimes it was just one of those days where you are scrambling to get all your school work done just in time to get maybe some sleep and then class. On those days just get the quote and and explain its significance to you.

Timeliness: So you have some extra time on your hands and decide to complete your blogging on time. Good for you!

Depth: Got a lot to tak about!

Interaction: Another way the internet provides ways of talking back and forth with your peers.

Discussion: You actually could relate to your peer and others found out they had similar or opposing views and wanted to discuss them.

I have enjoyed this course and it has tuaght me a lot. I am glad I have taken it my freshman year because it has helped me transfer from a high school students mind to now a college student about to embark on her second year! Thanks Dr. Jerz


Thanks for the feedback, Juliana, and for all your work during the semester.

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