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Katie Vann on The bible: Hahaha. BAL, that was your fav
Greta Carroll on The bible: I learned a ton in Bible as Li
Dennis G. Jerz on No more quotes: There's nothing actually wrong
Dennis G. Jerz on The Pittsburgh Penguins: my anti-drug: I lik'd to skate when I was bu
Tiffany Gilbert on The Pittsburgh Penguins: my anti-drug: I love this!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha
Lauren Miller on Punctuation: Punctuation is very important
Kaitlin Monier on I can never decide when I need a hyphen: I don't always understand when
Greta Carroll on WOW!!!!!!: Juliana, I am the exact opposi
Stephanie Wytovich on WOW!!!!!!: Haha that was a cute entry Jul
Katie Vann on WOW!!!!!!: Well, Juliana, you and I see a