Is it love?

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In the second chapter, there are many instances where they talk about how they have married people they don't really love. One quote that stuck out to me was when Mrs Wilson was talking to her sister on page 37 and said, "...most fellas will cheat you every time. All they think of is money." It brings across a point that at the time period most people just married mostly for money and not for love. So i begin to ask myself, are these people capable of loving one another?


Aja Hannah said:

I think they are capable of loving each other in that time period. Like perhaps our narrator. But, not the rest of the characters. Maybe Daisy, but I think there would have to be some money somewhere for her to get married to someone again.

I think its funny that Mrs. Wilson said that because Tom is kind of cheating on her with his wife. And Mrs. Wilson is cheating on her husband. Does Mrs. Wilson truly believe Tom cares for her more than his money? Or is Mrs. Wilson just in this for the money and a fling also?

I also believe that the characters are capable of loving one another. Although Mr. Wilson loves his wife, but his wife is blind to this fact. Tom appears much more handsome and Mrs. Wilson apparently chooses to see the outer beauty instead of this inner. Later on in the book, it is also evident that Gatsby and Daisy are capable of love, as well as Jordan Baker.

Julianne, thanks for posting your reaction. Next time, don't forget to post a link from this page back to the assignment page.

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