Setting anyone?

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In chapter 10, Foster makes the point that setting plays an important part in literature. Did we not all learn about this in elementary school when we first started learning about literature? You must always evaluate the setting that the character is in. Saying "It's never just rain" (75) is always true. the rain has to do with the mood, isn't that why almost always in movies and stories it is raining during a funeral or break-up, it's because when it is a rainy day we often say it's a dreary day, or depressing day. I guess this chapter is more for people who either didn't pay attention to English and literature class ever in their whole lives.




Aja Hannah said:

I agree and feel there can be more meanings than just the ones stated in the book. Or sometimes an author may put rain (weather) or an odd setting there to throw off the reader (maybe for irony).

But the story has to be good for it to work. Maybe there is a book of symbols somewhere that tells us the meaning for each idea like weather. Cause Foster sure tries to make it that way.

Note: I actually saw a book in Reeves library that was a book that explained symbols.

Nathan Hart said:

I totally agree with you. I also blogged on this topic from Foster, but didn’t really think about the interpretation that you had with it. One of the problems that I think about now that you bring it up is that with Foster, things are either over simplified or confusing. He either treats us like we are in middle school with the way he tries to explain things. He sometimes beats a topic to death, by giving too many examples and just gives us too much information. Another thing that bothers me with Foster’s writing is that he uses so many different stories to explain his point of view. He tries to give an overview of the book or piece of literature, but I will admit it gets confusing. It would probably make much more sense if I have read these pieces of work, but I guess I will have to go on with it and try our best. To bad he can’t come up with a happy medium between overcomplicated and too childish.

Rebecca Marrie said:

Juli, I can tell how much you LOVE Foster's book : ).

I, for one, completely agree with Nathan's comment. He does tend to "beat a topic to death." However, I find his initial comments to be rather thought-provoking. I believe his book would much for helpful if he didn't create chapters on the exact same topic.

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