Imagination is key.

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I particularly liked chapter 25 in Foster this week. It struck me as being more informative than most of his other chapters and I enjoyed it more.

"The formula I generally offer is this: don't read with your eyes" (Foster 228).

I liked this quote a lot because Foster is actually telling us something that will help us understand the book better. The way I take this quote is you should use more of your imagination and not have a one sided view of how things are played out. Also, you should maybe think of viewing it through the eyes of one character, or pretend you are in the story as well. I believe this may help one understand the plot and setting of the story better and make it seem as though you know the characters personally.

What do you think? How do you interpret this quote? While you're reading do you ever think of yourself as a character in the book?



Aja Hannah said:

Sometimes I'll see myself as the character if I get really into it (if the story is told in First-Person POV). I interpret the quote as reading with your own history (background knowledge) of the subject and time period the work was written in. Like Foster was saying, our way of thinking now is much different than the bloody, polytheistic Greeks. I do like your idea of imagination though.

I wrote about something similar in my blog.

Rebecca Marrie said:

Personally, I don't think of myself as the character, but rather as a "fly on the wall" in the characters' lives. I agree with Aja in that the background knowledge of the historical content corresponding to the time period in which the novel was written is important. I also agree that imagination is certainly important, especially taking the "fiction" content of the novel into consideration. However, I do believe that reading with your eyes is important to a certain extent. Obviously, you must know the meaning of the words within the novel. But that's about all you need to use your eyes for.

I too wrote a blog similar to this.

Alicia Campbell said:

I never thought to imagine that I am a character in a story, but I bet that could enrich my reading experience. I always identify with one or more characters, but to take it one step further and imagine that I am a character could help me engage the text, especially emotionally. I think the most limiting of only deeming myself the reader is that most of the time I know things certain characters do not know. But if I try to imagine I am a character and consider how I would feel if I did not know and when and if I eventually find out, that could be very interesting.

Christopher Dufalla said:

I must agree: aan open mind is the best with which to receive new information. It can also be quite helpful to perspective.

A saying that I am fond of regards perspective and not being one-sided. "There are three sides to every story: your side, their side, and the truth." Literature is similar, not that one perspective is a lie, but there are different ways in which to look at meanings, words, etc.

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