Intorduce Characters!

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"if you want your audience to know something about your character (or the work at large), introduce it early, before you need it" (Foster 205).

I like this particular quote from Chapter 22 because I agree with it completely. It is good to know a lot about a character in your story so that we the audience can feel like we know the character personally. It will make us feel like we are in the story itself and maybe ever are the character if they have similar traits as us. Also, as far as the work at large goes, I think it is good to keep some things a secret and not reveal everything...unless that's what you want to do. by revealing mostly everything about the story you do not leave the reader to use their imagination. When reading a novel I like to think to myself what might happen and almost try to figure out the ending for myself.



Rebecca Marrie said:

I completely agree with you. It's like we need to be Sherlock Holmes when we read a novel. Without feeling like we're a finding out something about a character, the novel is rather meaningless.

Jennifer Prex said:

I agree. It is best to reveal some about the character without revealing everything. When writing, one just needs to keep in mind what details need to be known in order for the story to make sense and which can merely be hinted at or left out all together. It is also unwise to leave the detail unknown up until the scene in which that knowledge is needed, because then it will seem to come out of no where and be too convenient. In terms of reading literature, we just need to pay attention to the details the author does give us about the characters so that we can understand them better later when it counts.

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