Mind your Ps and Qs

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"My grandfather said to me
as we sat on the wagon seat,
'Be sure to remember to always
speak to everyone you meet.'" (Bishop 48)

I liked Elizabeth Bishop's poem "Manners" because it reminds me of when  went anywhere my mother would always say to me  "Mind your Ps and Qs!" or please and Thank yous, if you've never heard the expression before. Manners are important no matter where you live, and if you have good manners people will respect you as a person more. This poem has a very happy tone to it which is different from most poets who seem to have a depressing undertone to most of their poems.

I don't think there is any other way to interpret this poem other than a child following whatever their grandpa does and learning to follow good manners. But, I could be mistaken. What do you think?


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