Different depending on the era?

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"Besides, he admits in a famous essay on the crafting of the novel that he really has no knowledge of nineteenth-century lovemaking, and in depicting sex between a Victorian man and woman what he's really writing is 'science fiction'" (Foster 145-146).

I found this quote interesting because I was under the impression that no matter the time period, sex was still the same as it is now. Is it really right to call writing a sex scene about a different era "science fiction"? Personally, I don't think so.

I really don't think that sex could be that much different in the Victorian age than it is now. I'm sure it's not exactly the same as we see it now, but I would think it would be similar. I know this is not Foster talking, but I feel like Fowles is giving himself too much credit fro writing a Victorian sex scene. It's like he wants us to think of him more highly for doing something that's different than something from the modern time.

Well, this is just my opinion, what do you think?



Rebecca Marrie said:

I don't think that that sex itself is much different from the Victorian Age until now, but I feel that it's public appearance is much more common now. Sex is acceptable, with basically all ages, genders, races, single people, and those married. It's become a norm of society and is now a part of basically all media.

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