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While reading Invisible Man I couldn't help but still think about why the narrator is nameless. I know it is probably to heighten the fact that the character is invisible, but the more I read, the more I realized we really don't know anything about this character, he keeps changing.

"No, I thought, shifting my body, they're the same legs on which I've come so far from home. And yet they were somehow new. The new suit imparted a newness to me. It was the clothes and the new name and the circumstances. It was a newness too subtle to put into thought,but there it was. I was becoming someone else" (335).

When I read this quote in chapter 16, it heightened my idea that the character was more of a shapeshifter type of character. Also, I found this quote to dramatize the idea that joining the brotherhood really did change the narrator into a different person. Did anybody else feel this way about it?


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