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"HENRI, sudden sharpness: It is true, Felix! And the symptom of course is orange hair." (Miller 12).

I really liked a lot of the little references to things throughout the play. For example the quote above means that the children are suffering from malnutrition because one side effect of malnutrition is orange hair. This also clues you in that this play is not taking place in America, but in an unidentified Latin American country which I probably would not have figure out if I did not read the back cover before I started reading the play. I liked how <a href="">Aja</a> mentioned that fact that because this is American Lit you expect the setting to be America, but in this particular novel, that is not the case.

I also liked the dramatic imagery of a Jesus figure with all of the talk about crucifixion and the fact that Henri says that the people think of him as "The Messiah, the son of god!" (Miller 17).

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Andrew Adams said:

I actually didn't know what the orange hair thing meant, but I do like all the little references to thinks. Foreshadowing little hints in the prologue and in extra dialogue that seems pointless. Also, I like how the boy who represents Jesus glows in the first scene and no one really seems to care, which helps it feel a little more modern, because we are shocked as much today as a society.

Carlos Peredo said:

I never understood the reference to orange hair. Thanks for pointing that out! You're absolutely right about the play being set in Latin American and how that is contrast to what we would expect in an American Lit class.

When I thought about the poverty in Latin America I was instantly reminded about Katrina and how it exposed the massive poverty that still exists within our own nation. Those of us in the middle class like to pretend that everyone else is right there with us, but kids go hungry all over the world, in the U.S. too.

I didn't know the thing about the orange hair either, so thanks for something new.
I had not read the back of the book before starting, so it took me a while to understand that it took place in Latin America. It was definetly a shock to me.

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