January 09, 2004


Random deleted spam comment of the week: "Insanity is forgetting to believe a few lies."

I'm not sure if I buy into that one. Too cynical?

In other news, I've discovered that I may be one of the few people of my age group that enjoys prunes. Sure, they call them "dried plums" now, but they are prunes to me. Two of my friends tried a prune tonight, and had adverse reactions.

I like to eat them especially after I eat pistachios.

I'm nearly done decorating the floors. Only two duty boards to go! One day of Spring RA training left! One semester left! :)

That's probably it for now.

Posted by Julie Young at January 9, 2004 11:36 PM

Never eaten a prune... do they taste anything like raisins?

Posted by: Donna R. Hibbs at January 10, 2004 10:05 AM

Sort of. Really, they taste like a really ripe plum that has been dried. Not bad. Kind of mushy. However, they are a little sticky, which can dissude some eaters.

Posted by: Julie at January 10, 2004 11:48 AM

They smell like raisins.

That's it.

Posted by: Vandye at January 10, 2004 11:49 AM

Prunes and pistachios, floating around in the same stomach...neither pregnant women nor the outre French crave such offbeat delicacies. I admire your intestinal fortitude, Julie Young!

Posted by: Mike Arnzen at January 10, 2004 07:26 PM

What I'd like to know is how you happened upon the prune 'stachio cobmo.

Posted by: Jenn at January 12, 2004 02:54 PM

I happened to be eating a handful of pistachios when I thought, "yum, I could go for something delicately sweet to compliment the salt" and then the thought struck me that I had prunes in my fridge. After I paired them, I discovered that they went well together, like all the weird stuff in spumoni...it has a slightly eastern European flair...

Posted by: Julie at January 12, 2004 06:05 PM

Which you would know, of course, considering your expertise in Eastern European and World cuisine. (was that too sarcastic? okay, i'm done now.)

Posted by: Jenn at January 12, 2004 10:18 PM

lol. Indeed, much of my eastern European cuisine expertise sounds like this: "Is this haluski the right color?"

Posted by: Julie at January 12, 2004 11:39 PM

Yup, this is a comment.

Posted by: Julie at January 15, 2004 07:35 PM
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