January 25, 2004


When I have a moment, I'll have to remember to read this link about dreams. It looks rather interesting.

I have dream #4 of the 12 universal dreams, by the way. Usually I'm standing on top of the Queens Road house and it's on fire.

In other news, it's been noted that my weblog is becoming a little dry. A wee bit too heavy on Pygmalion, perhaps. Or maybe I'm just working really hard so that my little site here becomes a man.

Ha ha.

Posted by Julie Young at January 25, 2004 10:48 PM

Just to let you know that Iím reading. Be safe.

Posted by: Roberto Allende at January 25, 2004 11:29 PM

I have two recurring dreams. In one, I'm losing a tooth. I can feel the little stringy nerve underneath the tooth and I can feel a new tooth coming in. But in my dream I know I am my present age -- it's not just a reversion to a childhood memory. In another dream, I am sitting behind the wheel of a nondescript car, watching the back end of my car, which I am controlling via remote control while simultaneously driving whatever car I am in. My car keeps going around corners and out of view, which makes it very hard to steer, since I don't know what's happening to it for a while. Gradually the length of time when I can't see or control my car gets longer and longer, and I inevitably hear a "crunch" which indiates my car has crashed somewhere out of view, but the dream always ends before I can inspect the damage.

I've concluded that the tooth dream is simply about the ongoing maturing process, and the car-driving dream is something I have when I feel my life is out of control.

When I was younger (early to mid 20s) I frequently had flying dreams. I learned to control my motions -- when I tensed up my muscles I would rise, and I got a lot of pleasure out of viewing the scenery. (I was playing "Flight Simulator" a lot during that time period, so I'm sure that reinforced my dreaming.) I recall vividly the first night I did an "outside loop."

OK, now I will check the link and see whether these are universal dreams of some sort.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at January 25, 2004 11:43 PM

Hey Julie,

I just read your poem about the cockroach called "Answering the Call" and thought it was hillarious. (I hope there was no deeper meaning as I really did just think it was funny). Anyway, I thought it only fair that I should comment after you went to all the trouble of entertaining me by your poem :)

Posted by: John Haddad at February 2, 2004 04:31 PM
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