January 31, 2004

What was it that I ate for lunch?

I had a tasty lunch today: fried eggplant layered with ricotta cheese and spinach with a thin horseradish sauce, eaten on pita. Yum. But what the heck was it called? Two foreign words....yup, can't remember. And I've done extensive web searches on possible names and ingredients. I guess I'll just have to call the restaurant, but that seems embarassingly low-tech.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if Chopsticks moved or closed in Squirrel Hill, as I was reading Munch's lastest culinary adventure in the paper. I hope it is still open, as I have a bogo coupon. If it has been turned into an Indian restaurant, I'll be a mixed bag of emotion. I do love samosa, but the cuisine as a whole is too tomato-heavy, thus rendering it inedible and frightening. Then I wonder if their samosas would really be that good anyway; my sister-in-law made some rather tasty ones for Thanksgiving one year and may have ruined me forever.

Speaking of food, how do they make mustard relish at Steak and Shake? Is it really just mustard and relish? If so, is it sweet relish or dill?

Good news. A quick search showed that Chopsticks is at 2018, and Indian Oven is at 2020. They must've moved before I knew that they existed. :)

Posted by Julie Young at January 31, 2004 11:57 AM
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