April 13, 2004

Super Fun!

So, my internship portfolio is all ready to go, as I finish the NuRelm hours on Wednesday. :) Yippee! That's one more thing to cross off on the big countdown list!

Meanwhile, I've concocted plans for after graduation. I plan to move home, but I didn't take stuff home yet because I am holding out hope that I'll be able to cook up a real job before then. I doubt that will actually happen, but one must have faith, even if it is tempered with reality. Ergo, my mom and I figured out how we'll move my stuff back to the house and what objects will be in the custody of my sister (refrigerator, chair).

If I get to move to a new location, I learned what furniture is available from the family assests. I'll be the proud owner of some end tables, maybe a kitchen table and a bed if I'm lucky. I don't exactly have anything to put between the end tables, but that'll come with time. My sister is holding a broken microwave for me, which, I guess could sit on an end table, but not really.

Alright, enough of this for now. Back to homework! Or, sleep.

Posted by Julie Young at April 13, 2004 11:10 PM
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