June 30, 2004

Oh, Oprah.

I was in WalMart the other day, searching for a book. I know, it's strange to go to such a store for a book, but the previous week I purchased a book at our town's bookstore, which is rather tiny. I'm trying to think of dimensions, but I've been in bigger living rooms. Anyway, they reccommended a book there; I bought it and read it already. Ergo, I was at WalMart, the only other place to shop.

I picked up a Janet Evanovich book, and I think that I'm on number nine. However, upon reading the back of number seven, I couldn't remember if I read it or not. And then I thought for a second, and really couldn't remember the plots of any of them, really, except for maybe the first two (remembering big scary boxing guy, rouge cop, and then a funeral home burning down. I think that was all in the first and second installments). Anyway, I thought to myself, Gee, it's bad news if I can't remember plots of books. Sad. Then I thought: Even sadder, I'd read this book in under four hours. Six WalMart dollars for four hours. Four hours = 1.5 days of reading.

Ergo, I bought Anna Karenina.

I've seen the movie. Two movies, to be exact. All starring Greta Garbo. I don't know why, but it was during my addiction to Turner Classic Movies.

I've been trying to stay away from Oprah books since the Fall on Your Knees incident. That was the single worst book I've ever read. I'm just not big on incest, prostitution, suicide and religious fanaticism. But, at least it took me a few days to finish.

It's day two of Anna, and I'm starting book three. Wish me continued success.

Posted by Julie Young at June 30, 2004 11:44 PM

Wishing you continued success. :-)

I have had the Oprah experience before. "Drowning Ruth" made me want to jump in the freezing water with ol' Ruthie.

Future reading suggestion: This Lullaby by Dessen.

Posted by: Amanda at July 1, 2004 07:15 PM

What's strange and odd is that I was doing some research on novels and I came across Janet Evanovich's name. I questioned her for a second, but I am glad I know someone who reads her. What are her books like and why do a lot of them start with "full?" Thanks Julie!!

Posted by: Firefighter Chica at July 2, 2004 12:50 AM

The "Full" series are more recent -- the first one was written under a pseudonym (sp?) before she had a following, and the next two of that series have a co-author, oddly enough. They are good, but not as good as the original series that follows a squeemish female bounty hunter who is frequently almost blown up. I'd start with One for the Money -- I think it's one of her best. I hope you like it!

Posted by: Julie at July 2, 2004 11:06 PM
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