Life Has Been Hell to Me

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On page 80, young woman exclaims, "Life has been hell to me, Father!" The young woman seems to have no regrets about murdering her husband. She continues, "And that other sin- that other sin- that sin of love- That's all I ever knew of Heaven." Throughout her entire marriage, she never once made an attempt to be a wife or a mother to her child. Instead, the best moments of her life revolved around a fling that some guy has had with hundreds of other woman. The woman complains of submitting, even to the very end when they try to cut off her hair, when she brought all of her woes upon herself. She would rather murder her husband out of concern of hurting him too much in a divorce. The mixed up logic of this woman is baffling, and you can't help but feel bad for poor Mr.Jones, who did nothing more than try to be a good husband to his wife.

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