She's in it for the Money

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I find myself constantly questioning the character of this young woman. She is miserable in her life and job. Being a single woman trying to take care of herself and her mother during times of such a male dominated world, her depression is certianly understandable. However, she has a job, even if she is underpaid because of her sex. She is still somehow managing to put food on the table for herself and her mother. When she tells her mother she is thinking about marrying her rich boss even though she has no feelings for him and is actually quite repulsed by him, the mother exclaims, "Love! -- what does that amount to! Will it clothe you? Will it feed you? Will it pay the bills?" One would like to think that a mother would not give such shallow advice to her daughter. If the mother was so concerned with money, why did she not go and look for a simple office job like her daughter? If the young woman was so repulsed by the man who wanted to marry her, why did she not hold out for someone she actually cared for?

On page 29, a Nurse says, "You got a mighty nice husband, I guess you know that?" The young woman then proceeds to gag. The woman just had the man's baby, and the fact that it is his is more than enough reason for her to hate it. Regardless of how nice and caring and how much he attempts to be understanding, she just hides under her veil of hate. If she is going to marry the guy for his money, and he is such a nice guy to boot, she could have been a little bit more kind of a person. I mean, she had every opportunity to say, "I dont love you, I dont want to marry you or be with you." Instead she hates her child and decides to look elsewhere for love and comfort. It doesn't seem like she even gave the guy a chance. I guess like mother like daughter: very shallow.

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