The Wild Wild.. South?

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On page 171, Foster states, "...When writers send characters south, it's so they can run amok."

Could this be because, as Foster does mention, a lot of these authors are european. The sun has a different type of appeal in this region, because they are used to mild summers and longer winters. I do not know if I think that sending a character south always allows them to run amok. Anywhere a character goes that is not home, they are bound to explore new landscapes, possibilities, and even ideas. Otherwise, why would an author bother to send a character in the first place. A lot of the trips south by european characters may result in a sort of run amok style story, but do all stories where the characters move south require the characters to engage in wild activities? I find that hard to believe. Maybe sometimes characters move south and find peace and harmony.


Rosalind Blair said:

I agree that when an author sends a character to a new place - it is not necessarily to allow them to go crazy. It is a way for the character to become a new person and experience new things. I do appriciate the point you made about not all characters going crazy. Going down south could bring piece, and I do not think that Foster was incredibly accurate with his statement.

Justin Iellimo said:

Although Foster does tend to make some broad, and in my opinion sometimes not always correct, generalizations, he does counter argue when describing what location may mean to the author. What maybe pleasant to people from one culture or area of the world can be symbolically complete opposites to other cultures.

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