Used Cars for Sale

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On page 87, Steinbeck explains through the narration of an imaginary car salesman, "Now, look here. I'm givin' you my shirt, an' you took all this time. I might a made three sales while i been talkin' to you. I'm disgusted. Yeah, sign right here. All right, sir."

Even eighty years ago, those used car salesman knew what they were doing. Even in the midst of a crisis, the salesman want nothing less than to take advantage of every unfortunate person that walks through their door. It does not matter to them that everyone around them is sinking, that people are losing their homes and starving. All they care about is putting an extra couple dollars in their own pocket. The salesman have no problem giving a lemon to someone who just handed them their life savings in an effort to try to go west and start a new life. They will just smile and shake your hand as they rip you off. Throughout this chapter, the imaginary car salesman narrator constantly states, "Get jalopies." Or, "I wisht I had five hundred jalopies." He knows he can turn a huge profit margin on any piece of rolling junk. Funny how the capitalist system can sometimes reward morally absent people, while annihilating the hopes and dreams of good, although naive, people. 

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