Bernice's Bad Bob

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"She saw two of the girls exchange glances; noticed Marjorie's mouth curved in attenuated mockery- and that Warren's eyes were suddenly very cold." 

When Bernice mentioned her bob, everyone seemed to think it was a good idea.  Towards the end of the story, people encouraged her to get the bob.  If they encouraged her, why would they be so awkward towards her after she got her hair cut?  Wouldn't they be excited, as they were before?  If they were real friends and knew it was going to look ridiculous, they should have stopped her- unless they knew Marjorie's plan and were part of it.


Juliana Cox said:

I agree that true friends would have stopped Bernice from getting the bob, but these weren't her true friends. Bernice had to change her identity to grab their attention in a positive way. Originally, they noticed her, but it wasn't because she was a social butterfly. Instead it was because she was a shy girl that they had to pretend to be nice to because Bernice was here visiting her cousin, Majorie. Everyone in this story seems fake to me because no one can be themsleves without ridicule and negative judgment being put towards them.

Oh drama, drama, drama. Just echoing Juliana here, they weren't her true friends. True friends don't tell you to do something when thy know it will look dumb. But Bernice gets her own little form of revenge so its okay in the end.

Deana Kubat said:

this part reminded me of petty high school fights where people who tell someone that they didn't like to do something just so that they'd have someone to laugh at. people like this make me think that they have issues within themselves and that is why they pick on others who are more suseptiable. there are just mean girls in the world...mean mean girls.

Theresa Conley said:

Isn't it funny how women fight for equal rights which I totally think we should, but we are the harshest to each other. I think it's sad but I'm not sure if we'll ever change.

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