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At the NY Times website, there was a headline for a story entitled "Hollywood Swoons Over That Hair, That Baton."  When I clicked this interesting headline, there was an audio slide show about a talented maestro.  The slide show was able to cover many points that a written article would not be able to.  It included music directed by Gustavo Dudamel (the maestro), photos of him conducting and teaching and working with children.  It was able to provide a profile of this new talent in a way that writing could not. 

Another interesting (but unrelated) story found here is about the finding of water on the moon.  Could you imagine a hundred years from now people might be looking back at us and saying "I couldn't imagine what life was like being stuck on Earth!"  It's kind of like how we look back and wonder how people survived without the internet or toothbrushes.

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Derek T said:

I really liked your first slide show and video. The pictures were extremely powerful in how they were presented to the viewer. The Maestro was depicted in a positive view which is something that an aritlce can only describe, but cannot visually prove. I also found it interesting that the Maestro's music was played while the narrative was being discussed. Good job!

Wendy Scott said:

Your post made me giggle. I woud have to agree with Derek the slidde show that you linked was really good it was really interesting to the eye. I giggled about the moon and the earth, and how your referenced how we wonder what life is life without a toothbrush and the interenet. Sometimes I wonder. Plain boring I remember when I first got internet. Interesting how it was such long ago.
Great post!

Andrew Wichrowski said:

My favorite part of the slide-show was in the beginning, when "the dude" was conducting in a rehearsal, and was coaching his musicians on how to play. It was much more intimate and revealing than simply claiming in the article that he is dedicated and passionate about his work.

I also thought that the photos of the children clamoring for his autograph gave the reader/listener a better sense of how popular he is in Los Angeles. I can't get the printed New York Times in Greensburg, but I would imagine that this photograph wasn't included in the newspaper.

Angela Palumbo said:

Kaitlin, I agree with what everyone else said. This article is definately far more powerful being that this video accompanies it. I really liked how you found a topic that is so dependent on a sense like hearing. The fact that we can both see and hear the conductor adds a totally new element to this article. Good find!

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