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I thought this website's layout was way too busy.  There was too much text gathered together.  There should be wider divisions between the text and less stories crammed into such a small area.  More pictures would be helpful if placed appropriately.  Considering the name of the news site, I thought it would be more clear with its presentation.

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Jennifer Prex said:

I agree. It almost seemed to take the emphasis off of the individual stories because there were so many crammed together.

I agree that the site was pretty cluttered. However, I think there are two sides to this--some people may get turned off by the constant barrage of information, and other people may be intrigued. Some people may actually like the challenge of keeping up with so much information; it's certainly more exciting than a website that only has a few articles in a barren layout. The constant changing of the pictures is another example of how busy the site is; this might be eye-catching for some people, and too chaotic for others. I think it just depends on how you like your websites. Certainly, it works if you have a very short attention span and just want to skim through a bunch of articles. However, the amount of time it takes to find an article you want to read might be a disadvantage there. I don't know, this website is just a mixed bag to me.

Kaitlin Monier said:

Some people did seem to like this news site's layout. A news site does need to include more than just a few articles, but for me this site crossed the line. I lost interest because I didn't feel like reading my way through the mess of small text.

Dianna Griffin said:

I really liked this site. It might be because I really like red, but other than that I thought it was easy to use, and when it comes to links and stuff like that, I'm not the person who can use them easily. However, it was pretty busy. I kind of liked that too though. It gave me more to look at. When I have so much stuff to choose from it keeps me interested.

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