Stink bugs DO NOT make me happy.

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I was about to blog about something much more pleasant when I heard that sickening sound of a flying stink bug that it is impossible to explain in words.  Ughh. 

The stink bug was in full flight, its wings were working furiously and legs dangled in the air. 

It flew directly towards my face.

I immediately grabbed my planner, closed my eyes, and swung in its direction.  I didn't know I could react to anything this quickly; all of this went down in about five seconds. 

When I spotted it crawling on the floor, I grabbed an empty water bottle and trapped the stink bug in it. 

I already have two Ziploc containers that are also holding stink bugs hostage.  They've been in there for almost a week.  They're still alive.  These things could survive a nuclear war.  Just look at how creepy they are:

So what's up with these stink bugs?

They aren't even native to this continent.  We can thank China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan for them because they're an agricultural pest native to these countries.

The adult stink bugs show up during springtime, mate and lay eggs during the summertime, and then search for a place to hid for the winter during fall.

Stink bugs eat all the good fruit, like apples and peaches.  Oh, and they've been found on blackberries, corn, tomatoes, lima beans, soy beans, and green peppers.  They just ruin everything.

To keep stink bugs out, seal every opening.  Caulk every crevice.  But I have a feeling they'll still find a way to sneak in because they're annoying like that.

If you decide to use a vacuum cleaner to rid your room of stink bugs, your vacuum could acquire the smell of them over time.

Keep reading about stink bugs here if you dare.

What are your stink bug stories?


DJ Beckage said:

The worst part? If you DO kill them, the stink they are so named for actually ATTRACTS more of them to that location. Found that one out the hard way.

Kaitlin Monier said:

Oh no!! That's awful. I learned about that too, but somebody told me, so I was lucky. I never smashed them because they creep me out too much. Plus I didn't want to smell them. But how would it make sense for more stink bugs to go to a place where one was killed? Wouldn't they want to avoid that spot?

Kelly said:

I could not agree more. I HATE them. Apparently they're moving north into Canada now too.

Kaitlin Monier said:

They're just infiltrating everywhere!! I just caught four stink bugs in the past two hours. One was crawling on my pillow case, which is going to be washed ASAP.

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