Blog Portfolio the Second asks, "What is creativity?"

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The most important topic touched upon has been creativity and originality in terms of remixing.  Creativity, of course, means something different to each person.  To me, creativity has always meant creating something appealing and interesting, even if it's created from something else.   Everything builds from everything else; creativity is reused and recycled. 

However, when I was working on my remix project, I didn't feel totally was something about copying and pasting parts of various fairy tales together.  I added my own words and had to think creatively to connect the stories, but I still don't feel like it's completely my own work.  I would rather be influenced by past works than make something directly from them. 

Furthermore, between blog portfolio one and two, I've learned...
+ To make my blog more visually appealing by shortening paragraphs and including pictures and videos to make the amount of text less intimidating.
+ How to research different hashtags using this website.
+ It's important to include such hashtags in tweets, for example I used a poetry hashtag in this tweet.

Now, onward to the portfolio!


See how I interacted with my classmates on my remix project and stink bug entries.


My entry about stink bugs demonstrates my ability to write in-depth entries because I was able to incorporate information from other sources.


On Twitter:
Resonding to a response from Jenni
Responding to story prompts posted by Kayla.
In response to Kelly's tweet about a nuisance that seems to be infiltrating Western Pennsylvania as well as my blog. 

On blogs:
BethAnne's remix project
Erin's poem inspired by Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'
Katy's blog entry about Glee

Outside material

I responded to the information in an article from PennState about stink bugs. I also responded to a wonderful movie I watched: "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."But that's not all!  I tweeted about this really cool picture I found via StumbleUpon!

My ethos is showing....

This entry about words communicate my ethos through my favorite words and favorite ways to use words. And this entry about Autumn communicating my ethos through my explanations about my favorite things to do during one of my favorite seasons.

Last but not least, take a peek at how I used the conventions of blogging through video, hashtags, and much, much more!

The video entry: "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"
The image entries: Autumn and words
The I'm-proud-of-condensing-this-to-140-characters tweet: Poetry by e.e. cummings
The hashtags entry: More Poetry by e.e. cummings

And that's all for now.  Visit again soon; don't be a stranger!


So I tried to click on your "More Poetry" link to e.e. cummings, but it says "that page no longer exists!"

But I originally wanted to say that E.E. Cummings is my boy and he's one of my main inspirations for pursuing a career in writing.

Kaitlin Monier said:

Oh man, this blog is rebelling against me lately. They were working last night when I tested the links, but thanks for pointing it out. I tried to fix it, so they should work now.

e.e. cummings is one of my favorite poets! And so is Shel Silverstein, who happens to be my writing inspiration ever since my second grade class reenacted "Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too" for the school talent show.

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