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September 22, 2003

Pyrophobic me

alright, for anyone that cares, here is a personal note: yours truly is a fire-phobe. for many reasons beyond my control, I have become a 100% scared-to-death, I'd-rather-chew-off-my-foot-than-watch-something-burn, pyrophobic maniac. I can't stand fire. At all. Period. End of sentence. (I think I made the point.)

want to know why? Well, little things here and there when I was younger, but the biggest thing happened 7 months ago last Thursday. (Yes, that's February 18th, geniuses.) Anywho, I was still at school for musical practice (I had earned the role of Queen Aggravain in "Once Upon a Mattress" I love being evil...) meanwhile, my house was being decimated by a fire that consumed most of my belongings, and those of my family as well. I never actually saw flames or smoke--I just saw the result of their presence. My bedroom, which was located above the living room (the main room of the fire) took quite a bit of damage. Yes, I lost most of my possessions, but it's just stuff. Corny as it may appear, it doesn't matter just then when you're so happy to see that every last member of your family is alright--pets included.

So we've been rebuilding for the past 7 months... I can tell you that I NEVER want to build a house, due to this experience. It's far from easy to relay details of precisely how difficult it is to "bounce-back" from something as life-changing as a house fire. I lost the most on a personal level, and come wintertime, I'm going to have a brand-new wardrobe because I don't have too much in the means of sweaters and all that jazz... but day in and day out, if someone mentions fire, I totally freak out.

Fellow journalism students, for those of you that read chapter 7, understand that I was deeply disturbed by the chosen example of a small fire. I have had that kind of article written about me. I can remember the lead. I can recall the details listed. I can remember the reason they referred to my father as a borough councilman. I'll never forget. Never.

Posted by KarissaKilgore at September 22, 2003 3:51 PM


While politicians and celebrities depend upon press coverage, and learn pretty quickly to take the bad with the good, when news happens to private individuals, it's important to reflect upon the effect that your story might have on the people involved -- from the obituary to the crime report to, of course, the fire report.

Every news article is important to someone, somewhere. Thanks, Diana, for sharing your experiences with us.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at September 22, 2003 4:06 PM

Thanks for the thoughts, but I'm Karissa... not Diana (it's ok, though, typically people can't spell my name either... this isn't uncommon.)


Posted by: Karissa` at September 22, 2003 5:38 PM

I completely understand about the fire phobia. As being a VOLUNTEER firefighter I am risking my life everyday for someone, even though I am highly scared of fire myself. But people like you(You being a wonderful person that you are), deserve us firefighters who would do anything in the world for you. Head up Karissa :-)

Posted by: Firefighter Chica Stefanie at September 26, 2003 10:36 PM

I am afraid of car crashes. I have watched at least 5 happen right in front of me. I swear, don't drive a car in front of me--a crash will result.

Besides that, I am scared out of my mind to be in a crash, especially one involving falling off of bridges. Can you see the suckiness factor here?

Cars are death traps to me. What fun--I am a commuter. How ironic can life be?

Posted by: Amanda at September 27, 2003 12:59 PM

Here's a little tip that I've learned through the whole ordeal: don't EVER think that things can't get any worse. Because THEY CAN. And they WILL, if you let yourself think that they can't.

It is so hard to be positive sometimes, but you know what? Friends and good family are a blessing. I'm lucky to be here at SHU, and I'm happy to have met everyone that I have so far.

It sounds really corny, but if you encounter something that takes what you thought you centered your life around (ie possessions, talents, money, etc.), quite swiftly--and with no abandon--you find that there are better things to be concerned with, and that those are the things that you should focus on in life. :)

Posted by: KarissaKilgore at September 28, 2003 1:45 PM

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