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September 24, 2003

more homework!

this is my work for questions 8 and 9 on page 162! It wasn't that bad... at least, I didn't think it was awful. It took awhile, but I got it done...

http://www.nytimes.com/2003/09/23/national/23CND-RECA.html?hpRecall Vote in California to Proceed on Oct. 7, Judges Rule

A federal appeals court ruled unanimously today that voting on whether to recall Gov. Gray Davis of California should proceed as scheduled on Oct. 7.

Type of lead: immediate identification lead
Qs answered:
Who? Federal appeals court
What? Ruled that voting on whether to recall Gov. Gray Davis of CA should proceed on Oct. 7th
Where? California
When? Today (September 23, 2003)
How? Unanimously

Coaster Ride Gives Patient Extra Thrill

The therapeutic value of amusement parks has been largely overlooked by doctors. Until now. When the young man, 19, arrived at a hospital in Zurich, his right eye had an odd resemblance to the eye of a cat. The pupil had become a long, narrow vertical slit — a result, he admitted, of a bar fight.

Type of lead: multiple-element lead
Qs answered:Who? Therapeutics value of amusement parks
What? Overlooked
Where? Zurich, Germany

Where Did Dewey File Those Law Books?

Who knew that someone owned the Dewey Decimal System?
Apparently not the owners of the Library Hotel, nestled in the shadow of the New York Public Library. Now the boutique hotel, which numbers its guest rooms and stocks them with books according to Melvil Dewey's century-old library classification system, is being sued for using it.

Type of lead: lead with flair
Qs answered:
Who? Owners of the New York Public Library
What? Being sued
Where? New York
Why? Because the now hotel numbers its guest rooms and stocks them with books according to [Dewey]’s…classification system

For Chinese Mothers With a Dream, Hard Knocks
Propelled by his parents' ambitions, Han Weiding, 13, left behind all that he knew in China and decamped this summer with his mother to this city-state to go to school.

Type of lead: summary lead
Qs answered:
Who? Han Weiding (13)
What? Left behind China
Where? China to Singapore
When? This summer
Why? To go to a city-state school

Student Shot in Standoff at a Spokane High School
A 17-year-old student at a Spokane, Wash., high school, fired a gun today, barricaded himself in a science classroom with three other students and a teacher, the authorities said, and was then shot by the police.

Type of lead: summary lead
Qs answered:
Who? A 17 year-old student
What? Fired a gun, barricaded himself in a science classroom, was shot by the police
Where? In a high school in Spokane, WA

Jets See the Error of Relying on the Pass
For the Jets' offensive coordinator, Paul Hackett, the game film seems like the goriest horror movie on a continuous loop, one attempt to score a touchdown dying a painful death after another. "Agony," he called it. And this is the sequel.

Type of lead: delayed identification lead or summary lead
Qs answered:
Who? Game film
What? Seems like a gory movie
Where? New York
Why? Because of the failed attempts to score

Calif. Recall Vote Reinstated for Oct. 7
By DAVID KRAVETS, Associated Press Writer
SAN FRANCISCO - With stunning decisiveness, a federal appeals court Tuesday unanimously put California's recall election back on the calendar for Oct. 7, sweeping aside warnings of a Florida-style fiasco two weeks from now.

Will recall evolve to a Florida-style recount squabble?
DAVID KRAVETS, AP Legal Affairs Writer
California's on-again recall election could become embroiled in more litigation after the Oct. 7 vote. If the tally is close, a Florida-style recount, complete with court battles over hanging chads and dimpled ballots, could repeat itself in California.

Comparison: What I found interesting about these two articles is that they are supposedly to have been written by the same person, but they have different titles, and they are entirely different leads! The first is internet-based only (Yahoo! News) and the second is from the San Francisco Chronicle (I found the link on Google News). How curious… I prefer the second lead to the first one because there is more information sooner. As a quick reader, I want fast information, and the second lead provides more vital information faster. However, the first only mentions the Florida “fiasco” and the second goes into recalling the details of the fiasco. Are the details necessary? Not really, but they help rouse the memory of what a pain it was dealing with all the chads—hanging and pregnant alike. Differences between what types of leads they are include that the first is a lead with flair, and the second is a summary lead, and that while the first may catch attention, the second really does provide more information, in accordance with the "inverted pyramid" technique.

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