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October 21, 2003

Isvestia nye Pravda, y Pravda nye Isvestia

My AP English teacher introduced those two Russian newspaper names to us in our study of Animal Farm. I had no idea that I'd run into them again in such a short period of time!! And how true it is that "The news isn't the truth, and the truth isn't news."

Tuberculosis seems so archaic-- this kind of stuff is so Edgar Allen Poe. Yet, each college student is required to have an updated TB test in order to attend school. I know this because I had to have an updated test over fall break. You know the deal: go to the doctor's office, get a shot in your forearm, bleed, come back a minimum of two days later and have the shot "read." Naturally, we don't fear the reading of the shot as much as we could. Who gets TB?? In the United States? In this day and age?? Apparently some people still do, because there are statistics on them. Arguements can go one way or the other, depending on what journalistic view you take. A Killer Returns Dropping cases of TB Progress towards the elimination of tuberculosis "Leading killer of young adults world-wide"

The drop in the national crime rate seems to be real, rather than just a figment of our imaginations. I mean, sure the possibility that some crimes aren't reported is still very real, as well, but how are we to get a good estimate if they aren't reported to begin with. Drop in violent crime hard to explain National Crime Victimization Survey

Who knew the news could be so much work? Really, who makes the decisions of what we read and don't read everyday? Journalists. Why? Because we couldn't possibly take in all the information that's out there, so someone decides what's of importance to us, the audience. Wow.

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