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August 20, 2004

What to do

Iím just about at my witís end in all this insanity surrounding my leave of absence.

Questions and concern are abounding, and I have no idea how I am to answer to either of the responses elicited on my behalf. Honesty seems fair, but too personal and I donít know if I could ever handle lying.

But with all thoughts at a screeching halt, I consider that I will have to be working. This is new, since I havenít worked a day since the car accident in the very end of June. My career at the fruit market has come to an abrupt end, and Iím okay with that since it wasnít destined to be my lifeís work anywayÖ

However, here I sit painfully sizing up options for other jobs. Problem is that I canít lift, I canít bend, and I canít even stand for long without experiencing additional excruciating pain. My mother suggested applying for cashier at the local hardware storeóthey pay $7 an hour. But can I stand itóliterally?

I made a list of other possibilities of places I wouldnít mind workingónot that there are positions available, which, of course, poses another problemÖ

  • Hostess at a restaurant
  • Florist assistant
  • Assistant at a library or bookstore
  • Assistant at a pet store, groomerís, or animal shelter
  • Desk attendant at the YMCA

    Naturally I have to consider the distance Iíll be traveling as a factor, but Iím also trying to decide what would be more worthwhile: a job near my home or a job closer to the school? I would prefer to split the difference, since I donít live far from SHU, but I donít know what the prospective jobs are in that area. More questionsÖ

    I might be able to scoop up a position that was filled by another college student that had to leave for school. But will someone be willing to hire me close to full-time for such a brief amount of time before I would need to cut hours back?

    Iím plagued by these questions in addition to the stress of being without activity. Yes, I did just say ďstress of no activityĒ because Iíll go crazy if I have nothing to do. Thatís because Iím so accustomed to a packed schedule with a myriad of extras tacked on for fun. Now I can almost do nothing.

    Almost. Iíve been encouraged to begin some light exercise and stretching to help in rehabilitation, so Iím considering joining the YMCA and taking a yoga class. Maybe swimming. Maybe weight lifting. I already know taequondo, so perhaps I could take up kickboxing at a later date? Karate? Maybe I could even benefit from something totally out of the ordinary like a painting class. Sculpture? Sewing? Knitting?

    Also, I really want to keep up on any intellectual growth, so I plan to read a lot. Iíll have time and Iíll have attention to dedicate to reading. Iím limited in my selection from home, so Iíll be spanning the local libraries (Iíll have to check on my borrowing privileges at the SHU library now that Iím technically not a student). Anyone have any suggestions for good reads?

    This is frustrating for me. Iím feeling regret in making this decision, but I know that it has to be this way. Forced from my comfort zone, Iím even staring blankly at a line that seems to have been drawn between my friends and me. Iím really trying to not make this more difficult than it is, but even that is proving to be difficult.

    Posted by KarissaKilgore at August 20, 2004 11:55 AM


    Karissa, for what it is worth, I went through similar thoughts each time my company did a downsizing. What would I do to earn a living? I had to have a job like this, but not like that, and I'm not good at this, but I'm really good at that. Maybe I could work there? Or do that ... it kept me awake for hours sometimes. So please don't feel alone or unusual about your decision. And best wishes that whatever you do turns out well.

    Posted by: Paige at August 24, 2004 12:19 PM

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