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July 6, 2005

Gaming Without Shame

I'm not a video game junkie by any stretch of anything stretchy. It's just not "me." I'll play with friends and my brothers but that's about it--and I normally lose.

That's probably good for me, though. It's humbling to lose. It's even more hunbling to be so bad at something that you're having fun losing.

This is the category I fall into as a gamer.

My brothers have a PS2. They've had it for a couple of years, and they almost didn't have it after our fire--but I rescued it from the basement knowing that misery would ensue if they had to go gameless. I've since learned that I have absolutely no interest in playing any sports games on a gaming console. I would much rather get bruised in playing the real sport.

We used to have a Sega. Now that was my type of system! Not so many buttons, and a game like Sonic the quick little blue guy that I could get in to. Several were very proud of my very first (and only) video game purchase--the Deluxe Sonic the Hedgehog Game Collection, for PS2. Yes, it's my game, but my brothers have beaten it. On goes the story...

My youngest brother's friends are notorious for having the most up-to-date games (a number of them are only-children, the rest of them are just lucky according to my brothers). Caleb's friend Cody brought the Nintendo Game Cube to our house on Monday night.

The only experiences I've had with Game Cube to this point included playing Monkey Ball with Mike, Stephan, and Athena and getting my butt whooped because I couldn't remember which section of the screen contained my player...! Not like knowing which one was actually me would have helped--I don't claim to be good, I just wish I would've had a fair shot :-/

I watched my two brothers and Cody play Mario Kart for about twenty minutes before I decided to ask to play. Caleb instructed me as to what actions the seemingly innumerable buttons performed and then I dove in head first.

Looking back, it's really like trying to learn how to swim outside of water, and then getting yourself into a deep mess called drowning. I thought I knew what I was doing this time. Umm, no. Far from it. Sure, it didn't help that I was playing against three people who obviously have vastly more experience than I, but I was stomped. Hard.

I can only play these things for about an hour at a time before
A) my hands cramp up,
B) my eyes hurt,
C) I get really fatigued with coming in last place all of the time,
D) all of the above.

So I gave up Mario Kart yesterday. Cody left the Game Cube at our house because he's one of the only-children that has a gazillion other types of video games he can occupy his time with. I took another chance with the thing today...

Caleb decided that he wanted to find out if he could blow himself up. This is not unlike Caleb, as he is the baby of the family and quite often gets himself into trouble doing something ridiculously stupid. Jacob and I shrugged it off, chose our characters, our vehicles, and were off.

I selected Baby Mario and Baby Luigi because they are cute. They get cute little cars, they make cute little noises, and I just-so-happen-to-know that when you're in last place and you hit an item box that you are more likely to get the Chomps guy (who I call Puppy--see below).
New Picture.bmp
Chomps is a large black ball with beady eyes and shark-like teeth. He pulls you around on his chain when you receive him as an item, and most of the time he helps you to move ahead in the race. This is very good for me, since I am always far behind.

To tell the truth, I don't quite know what I do wrong. I've gotten better at the steering stuff, I don't fall off the screen as much, I know what all the items do and how to use them, I know that the banana peels are not just cute but also dangerous, and I use the Puppy whenever I get the chance.

My brothers tried to get me to change my characters from the two babies. I quickly selected Baby Mario and then Yoshi. I knew that I would still get Puppy as long as I had one baby :-)

Caleb was successful in persuing his hypothesis that if you have a blue shell (that blows up the person in 1st) and you wait until you are the person in first to use it that, indeed, you will blow up. And I actually won a few times! We played about 20 rounds and I think I won three. Better than none? :-/

Posted by KarissaKilgore at July 6, 2005 4:58 PM


Monkey Ball... Hehe, I have that game. The second one's even better; I used to have monkey-tennis tournaments with one of my friends all the time.

RE4 rules!

Posted by: ChrisU at July 6, 2005 9:44 PM

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