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October 10, 2006

EL236 Smash-up entry: chapters 11, 12, & 13

I'm glad we're glossing over these chapters. Some of the information is more business-specific. It's interesting, but I never plan on being part of a business' website design committee. There will be people who know this stuff better and in more detail than I.

And so, here are my quotes:
Chapter 11:
"A niche audience starts the conversation by asking a certain kind of question over and over in the same general context... Through the ongoing virtual conversation... a peculiar type of text developed--a genre" (Price 273-4).

Chapter 12:
"...because of this conversational setting, FAQ sentences tend to ramble. Worse, some writers add clause after clause, and insert subordinate clauses within relative clauses, tossing in some whens and ifs" (Price 293).

Chapter 13:
"The best way to get your releases read is to create them so they can be easily cannibalized" (Price 358).

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