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November 21, 2006

EL405 The Portfolio That Karissa Built

Another rendition of a blogging portfolio, here is what I've accomplished in this latter half of EL405. I'm happy to report that it's been a little bit more positive than the first half.

This is the portfolio that Karissa built because I am working on so many projects for this portfolio. While there are fewer "assigned readings" for this section of the class, the blogging responds to the progress of the projects. It might seem like less work, but don't be fooled! (Especially when one is learning new software sans manual...) So, I built this portfolio. With my own two hands! Erm, yeah, actually... on the keyboard, but my own two hands, regardless.

Oh, you know what I mean... Read on.

Slow Progress: discussing my progress on Project 1, the CST Flash game. [Coverage, reflection]

Getting a Push in Flash: extending my thanks to Mike for his help in Flash, since I was essentially clueless. [Coverage, gratefulness]

Project 2 Proposal: my reluctant post with vague details about my intents for the second and final project. [Coverage, how not to write a blog entry title]

Project 1 Complete!: my 100% enthusiastic report of the completion of my very first project (and first attempt at Flash!). [Coverage, ridiculous geekiness]

Patchwork Progress on Project 2: screenshots and details about my second project. [Coverage, excitement]

Discussion!: comments, feedback, and recommendations for my project 1. [Coverage, discussion]

Comment grande

Comment primo (with no response-o, till Stephan's later entry)

I don't pretend that I could leave "comment informative" at this point. Others are informing me and I'm taking notes, but unless someone else is making the same mistakes as me... well, I haven't found that my comments are of much substance.

Wildcard: I broke my previous record of days spent in Main Complex without venturing out of doors. I went out for a movie last Tuesday night, arriving back at SHU around 11:30pm, and didn't go back outside until today, Monday (a week later) at 4:30pm. Almost a week... yikes, am I a hermit? No: I'm just on crutches :-/ (I hear I wasn't missing much, though, with the rain and cold front...)

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