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December 10, 2006

EL405 The Last Portfolio You'll Get from Me This Semester and This Year

Yeah. Yeah, see? This is going to be the last portfolio I do until 2007, okay? Okay. (Okay, maybe I'm just losing it because the end is near...)

This final stretch of the semester has been interesting on all fronts--not just in this course. Between the crazy things we did in class with Blender 3D (which I still don't like) and the progress I've been (trying) to make on my Flash portfolio, there's been little time for me to blog much. I've tried to post a few things, though, and here they are.

Hammering Away: in praise of Hammer for a non-frustrating day in the classroom

Problems la Portfolio: giving myself leeway to experiment beyond my original (highly-set) goals for this project

Finally: Hammer Zombies!: just like the title asserts, I was thrilled we got to play with zombies in class. No one got bitten or died or anything!

Project Breakdown: breaking my goals for this project into smaller more achievable mini-goals has helped a great deal. Now if I could just find the time to get it finished...

As for commenting? I admit it: I've been lacking in that department all semester. I try to find helpful and insightful things to say but with this material that (still) feels like it's way over my head, I find myself hitting backspace a whole lot and then just navigating away from comment pages. That's rather unlike me, since I know that I thrive on comments, but I just feel like I'm doing the "bare bones" compared to what everyone else has been able to accomplish in the class. I know it has to do with skill level and experience with games, software, etc., but that still doesn't give me any more to say when it comes to commenting. I guess I'm carrying that same feeling of inadequacy that I've had since this course started...

I did comment on Amanda's blog at least. It was nice to see the progress she was making after we'd chatted about it via IM one night. We had both been working on our projects and it was nice to see that she got some major elements working for her.

On my own blog, though, I was able to spawn decent discussions about a couple of topics. The post "Hammering Away" received good feedback, and I commented in reply asking for insight about making tutorials similar to ones that Dr. Jerz made.

I guess if I can't point out comments that I made, I can at least recognize some of the great ones that others made on my posts... Mike, Amanda, and Lori had some helpful things to say about my project progress and I've been able to incorporate their suggestions in to my work. Thanks, guys!

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