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April 6, 2007

EL312: I don't think my brain hibernates: a portfolio

Ahh, spring has sprung... only to be covered with snow again (or at least from where I'm sitting). Working through literary criticism, though, is much like the weather lately--sometimes I'm spot-on and feel brilliant like the sun on those beautiful days and other days, well, I feel like my brain has perhaps frozen to avoid absorbing any passenger information to carry along with it into another state of hibernation.

Or at least that's what it feels like.

Maybe writing this portfolio will make me feel better about my understanding of the stuff we've covered in this second chunk of the course... You know where to click to see the whole thing...

  • Beyond the Mockingbird [coverage]
  • Imitation is selective copycatting [coverage]
  • The Poor me" calling card[coverage, depth]
  • Brann is such an unfortunate last name (thank goodness her first name isn't "raisin") [coverage]
  • Thank you for another breathtaking grasp of the obvious* [coverage]
  • Everyman--highly accessible today, as it would have been then [coverage, discussion]
  • Characters are people, too [coverage]
  • Nabokov will play you, fool [coverage, depth, discussion]
  • Get your (inter)text on [coverage, depth]
  • Identity through comparison, not similarity [coverage]
  • The Rolodex of literature [coverage, interaction]
  • Amalgamation interpolation [coverage]
  • Apparently I missed a cool class last week [coverage, depth, make-up for missed class]
  • Shakespeare's A for effort [coverage]
  • Nothing is permanent, everything changes--even racism [coverage]
  • Uncannable Freud [coverage, interaction]
  • Unreliable narrators: "told by an idiot" or misread? [coverage, depth]
  • Postmortem for a pervert? [coverage]
  • Rip it up, break it down [coverage, depth]
  • And I opened up my eyes, I saw the sign [coverage, depth]
  • Pretext, yo: the un-Bedford [coverage, depth]
  • Blade Runner: Late Edition [coverage]
  • Meaning Garden [coverage]

    Carnival blog: my response to Diana's fanfic topic


  • Link gracious on Mitchell's blog (to Jay's blog) about Culler's codes in structuralism
  • Comment primo on David's blog about intertextuality
  • Comment grande on Vanessa's blog about circular understanding
  • Comment informative on Denamarie's blog about multiple ways to interpret texts

    Wildcard: To hyphenate or not to hyphenate--that is the question

    Portfolio II -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

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