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May 1, 2009

You can't Facebook me: I quit.

Yes, that's right, I've quit Facebook. After being a member for over three years--since its expansion to all colleges and universities in September 2005--I decided to deactivate my account.

Why would I do such a thing? Hmph, funny you should ask. I have a couple reasons, but I couldn't care less whether anyone actually agrees with me on them. I'll post them anyway.

1) Facebook keeps waffling about letting third parties access users' information. I can't keep up with the news of whether they are or aren't, and I'm sick of feeling like my photos and lists of favorite things are somehow putting me at risk for greater damage than I realize. I'm 23 and have already had to deal with identity theft twice in my life. I can't help but worry.

2) My "friends" on Facebook aren't really my friends. Maybe we were friends in a past area of my life, maybe we were just acquaintances. My real friends already have my email address and cell phone number. My real friends already keep in touch with me, and just used Facebook as another way to access me and my life. My real friends will cope with me not being on Facebook any longer and call back when I leave a voicemail.

3) My online life is withering as my real life accelerates. I have less time than ever to keep up with emails, blog feeds, and news. I recognized that the time I was spending on Facebook was spent digging through all the useless information trying to find what I really wanted--contact information, updates on good friends... The Wall has become a bastardized version of its former self, posting nearly every bit of garbage from anyone I was "friends" with. Comments? "Likes"? gifts? I think I can find more efficient way to keep up with people than by spending a half an hour rooting through "top 5 picks" of people I haven't seen since I was in kindergarten.

4) I'm sick of the content on Facebook. Not only has quality dropped as quantity rocketed, the postings on Facebook are increasingly immature (to me). Maybe it was the "friends" I had. I have no idea. Really, I don't care. I have tired of reading about drinking tolerances, sexual escapades, party highlights, melodramatic jawing, and the ever-popular "I miss you" drones. I know there is more to Facebook, and at a point in my life it made sense to be part of it for content just slightly higher in quality... but not anymore.

5) When Facebook starts publishing people's tweets on Twitter, you know something is going downhill. (To me, this means the plunge to desperation where Facebook outright abandons its faux-democracy and screws users until they make more money.)

If you still want to be my friend, here I am--this is the real Karissa, not the Facebook Karissa. This might be the blog Karissa, but at least it's less filtered than your Facebook wall might want you to think.

Posted by KarissaKilgore at May 1, 2009 4:32 PM


Hey Karissa,
I agree with you. I don't like a lot of things that they have done with facebook, it always bothered me that it once was a place for college kids and now it's for everybody. I think the only good thing I see about it now a days is keeping in touch with old friends, at least in my case friends from high school, but anyways, I would like to keep in touch with you even if it is through your blog.

Posted by: Sue at May 2, 2009 8:13 PM

Thanks, Sue. Yeah, Facebook started out as a place for just a certain age group, and I understand the need to expand beyond just college-age people (since eventually we're not college students any more), but the need to make money has outgrown the need to benefit users, in my opinion, and that frightens me when they have so much personal information about so many people.

I may slip back on to garner email addresses (hindsight told me to), but I don't plan to return to Facebook unless there is some serious reason for me to... and I honestly can't think of any.

Posted by: Karissa at May 3, 2009 8:59 PM

Hey hon,

I've never been a Facebook user for all of those reasons. My biggest is that, like you, I simply don't have the time to waste. I know for a fact I would've spent a lot of time during college exhausting my pointer finger clicking through everyone's status.

I think most of us are at least a little inherently nebby--and that's why social networking sites are so appealing. Everybody can be like a little detective, haha.

Anyways, kudos for kicking Facebook to the curb! Good post.

Posted by: Stormy Knight at May 4, 2009 11:36 PM

I was redirected via hyperlinks to your blog site. I was wondering if you are a former student of Jerz after looking for tips on short story writing/creative writing. I am an ASU student working on a degree in Creative writing. I am interested in hooking up in cyperspace with other creative writers - not the kitchen table type if you know what I mean. Please let me know via email. I found little on the net for educated writing groups (sorry to be a snob - sort of...) Anyway, I found Jerz via the web and he still is on facebook where we communicated. Anyway, I liked your words on FB and it makes me think about the validity of continuing with them too.


Posted by: Elizabeth at May 6, 2009 2:51 AM

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