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May 19, 2010

Lost in the Post

I returned an item I bought online via the U.S. Postal Service. I mailed it April 21st. I paid for delivery confirmation and tracked my item online. The last record of any movement is April 26th. Supposedly the item was received at the destination post office...


I contacted the person I was sending this item to and she has no record of it. So I did what I had to. I called the USPS myself. The fellow I spoke with was kind and apologized for the mishap. He said someone would call me by Wednesday (today) with information about the now missing item.

The Postmaster from my local post office, where I mailed the item from, called me to say that the destination post office has no record of delivery. It's there, but they're not sure where. Or, alternately, it could've been delivered and the deliverer didn't bother to scan the Delivery Confirmation label (which I paid for).

So my item is in limbo. Great.

The only thing the Postmaster can do for me is refund the $1.70 or so that I paid for the Delivery Confirmation. Oh, that really makes me feel better.

Someone from the mail recovery search is supposed to call this afternoon. Not sure how helpful that will be...

The item, incase you're wondering, is an honor stole for the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (to which I was inducted last February) that I ordered back when I thought I was graduating in December. I was so distraught about the situation that I decided I'm not walking in graduation no matter when I graduate, so I decided to return the stole so I could get my money back.

The item, valued at $20, was packed in a First-Class Mail envelope. I didn't pay for insurance because it is worth less than $100. Well, now I've learned my lesson. Don't forget the insurance because without it, the item will be lost. I can't get a refund for the item if they don't receive it.

I should've just kept the darn thing.

I am hardly the first person to complain about the U.S. Postal Service. I am metaphorically standing in a long line of complainants. They're threatening to stop Saturday mail delivery, citing financial difficulties. Perhaps they wouldn't have financial difficulties is they just delivered the mail instead of losing it.

Honestly, at this point for any other thing I buy I would seek out a competitor and no longer give the company my business. But this is the USPS. What other choice do I have?! UPS? The UPS who, when in September 2008 I shipped a computer monitor to my friend Stephan in Georgia, swapped labels with another package going to Georgia. (Evidently there were only two things going from this UPS store to GA that day.) Instead of getting a computer monitor, Stephan got a video game system and some schmuck got the monitor. UPS had to remedy the situation and told me they'd refund my shipping cost, but I never got a cent from them. Even after pursuing it. How do you screw up a shipping label?! It's a sticker. Put it on the box when I give it to you.

My other choice being Fed Ex who has damaged countless things arriving on my doorstep. I don't know who's playing squash or rugby or celebrity death match with my packages, but it needs to stop. Fortunately, the last thing I received through them was a pair of shoes that withstood the torture chamber that is the Fed Ex shipping system. The next thing I'm supposed to receive through them is parts for my washing machine... At least if there's a hole in my porch I'll know why--Fed Ex was here.

The principle of mail delivery has gone away. Shouldn't the idea just be to deliver the items without damage in the quickest manner possible? I want the Pony Express.

But first, what I really want, is for the USPS to find my package and deliver it. Please.

Posted by KarissaKilgore at May 19, 2010 11:10 AM


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