A How-To on Embedded Links

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I don't know if there's a tutorial for this somewhere on the SHU blogs, but since I wrote it for Jess, I figured I'd share.

If you don't know what an embedded link is, it's when you link to something like this instead of: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/KaryssaBlair/2009/10/symbolism_abounds.html

Here are two ways to do it:

1) When you go to create a blog entry, if you look on the right under the Title box, you should see a drop-down list with the word "Format" before it. It looks like This.

If you're in rich text format, it's less complicated to make an embedded link. Just type words, highlight them, and click the little button that looks like a linked chain here.

This box will pop up. Just paste the link, hit OK, and your text should now look like this. You now have an embedded link!

2) Now, when you're commenting on the course website to link our classmates to your blog, you don't have the shmancy option of rich text format. You just have to use plain old HTML code. It actually takes less explaining, but it takes longer to remember how to do it I guess.

Here's an example with one of my blogs:


Once you post it, you get this: Symbolism Abounds

If that makes no sense to you at all, you could always just go to the create entry page, make an embedded link like the first way I showed you, and then change the format from "rich text format" to "none." It will change this to this for you. Then you can just copy and paste that on the course website :)


Josie Rush said:

Thanks for this. I didn't know how to make an embedded link in a comment, but....now I do!

You're welcome, Josie :)

Kayla Lesko said:

Just like LJ!

Yep! Just like LJ :)

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