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I've actually read this chapter twice before now, when writing the first research paper.  It was really useful in helping me learn how to develop a good topic on something I could talk about for 6-8 pages.

"By using search engines to gain access to sites on the World Wide Web, you can also discover special topics directly related to your subject.  [...]  The well-known Google search engine yields startling and overwhelming results" (262).
                Edgar V. Roberts, Writing About Literature

This was the only part of the chapter that confused me.  Aren't we supposed to use only scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and other works?  Google would only provide sources guaranteeing a reduced grade.  However, after thinking about it, I realized that using a Google search could be beneficial to me because it could provide some more basic information that I normally wouldn't know.  I couldn't site those sources, but they could inspire ideas for my paper that I could then explore further using EBSCOhost.  

Another good idea is to do some research on Wikipedia.  One should never cite Wikipedia since anyone can edit it, and it can therefore be highly inaccurate.  However, the people who do put correct information on the site sometimes use genuine peer-reviewed articles and cite them at the bottom of the Wiki article.  By looking into those, I could find even more useful information for my paper.


* I have rapping skills.

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