Mind Your Tone

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"As I learn from you, / I guess you learn from me - / although you're older - and white -
and somewhat more free" (37-40).

In his Langston Hughes' poem, "Theme for English B," the message he is trying to get across is clearly about the need for equality amongst all races.  The speaker details where he's from, the historically black neighborhood of the time of which he's familiar, and then makes references to the typically classified white culture of the time - of which he also seems familiar.  By combining aspects of both cultures, and speaking with the serious/educated tone he uses, Hughes is able to successfully express the reason equality should exist.  The speaker, the "only colored man in [his] class" (10), is able to learn in his classroom, and feels like others can learn from him.  Why couldn't this be said for everyone?



Brooke Kuehn said:

I think it can definitly be said for everyone. I think we never stop learning and taking in our surroundings. Whether we want to be sculpted by our surrounding or not, we are in some way shap or form.

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