Ouch, My Heart.

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EL 266

" The afflicted character can have any number of problems for which heart disease provides a suitable emblem.... Socially it may stand for these matters on a larger scale, or for something seriously amiss at the heart of things" (Foster 209)

Ha, nice pun Foster!

Anyway, I do believe that this is true. Many characters have "heart problems" that siginfy something else is amiss. Take the narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe. His heart beating so loudly and harsh that he was forced into confessing his sin. His heart wanted to tell the truth and was ready to burst open to do so!

Also, in other works, many people have a "bad heart" in the literal and figurative sense. Scrooge, the main character of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol was only convinced to change his ways by the third ghost, Death. His heart was bad in a literal sense that he was on his death bed, and also, his heart had been bad throughout the story because he was a rude, selfish person.

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