Those bad, bad boys

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"Of course, concern over lower-glass delinquents continued and was simply compounded by fears that the sons of respectable, bourgeois families were also threatened by corrupting models of bad boy behavior in and out of texts" (Mailloux 45)

While I can see this point in relation to Huckleberry Finn, I don't see a huge connection here. I mean, I don't think Huck's behavior was extremely delinquent, he was simply a child without parents and stability. Yes, he did swear and lie and steal watermelons, but was he really such a bad role model?

Throughout the novel Huck struggled with issues of morality and always seemed to make the right choices. He was a mischievous boy, who many critics of the time misunderstood. They should have taken the time to focus on the real moral images in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and not harped on the bad role model presented in Huckleberry.


Jessica Apitsch said:

I couldn't agree more. I followed Huck's development throughout this novel. This caused me to celebrate when he showed signs of growth, but also left room for disappointment when he came up short. Even though he did not come up short and regressed to the role of the Tom's follower, he continued to try to follow the path of morality. It seems on the surface that Huck is a rebellious character, but look at what he was rebelling against: a corrupt society. Most individuals during this time were a part of this society and never looked at themselves in the mirror. Clemens, through Huck, was trying to force the action of searching within ourselves for a solution. I actually blogged about how society tends to place all blame on outside sources which causes it to come up short many times.

Thank you - this whole time I've wondered how Huck is a bad boy, and this kind of points out why he's not! Tom Sawyer is almost more of a bad boy than Huck with all his outlandish schemes and desire to be in a book.

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