Uncle Tom's Cabin, II

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"Do you know who made you?" (Uncle Tom's Cabin 91)

This was the same question posed to Pearl in The Scarlet Letter...

Does anyone else think it has some significance or see a pattern here? Maybe the authors were trying to tell us something about religion at the time... How do the situations these questions are posed in make them different?

Just trying to see if I can get a conversation going here. If you have any thoughts, feel free to post them!


I noticed a significant similarity between Eva and Pearl, moreso than I did Topsy and Pearl... until this very moment. Perhaps the combination of Eva and Topsy is really the relationship we're seeing to Pearl. Eva is so sincere and kind while Topsy is mean and unruly. Pearl is obviously both as she was seen as a sprite more often than not.
It could be a focus on religion, who made any of us? Or it could be directing us to listen to the children more than we do. Rather, more than people did at the time these stories were written. Most people don't pay attention to anything kids say unless it is something "cute." They often have very profound moments that we can learn from (i.e. Dr. Jerz's daughter talking about God!).

Katie Lantz said:

I agree Heather! I think it is quite possible that we are seeing both the loving and wild sides of Pearl in Topsy and Eva.

Eva definitely had some profound moments, and I think the author was using her, as Hawthorne used Pearl, to give the readers a little more information. She seemed to say things "out of place," and most of what she said, she would have had no way of knowing.

Jessica Apitsch said:

wow! i jut got done blogging on this same view. I felt that I saw Pearl in both of these characters! Pearl was both a treasure and a torture to her mother. Topsy was referred to as a "plague" or a "limb of satan" while Eva was the inspiration and savior, a "treasure to yearning hearts". I felt that maybe the author was trying to convey with these two characters the extreme light and dark that lingers within us all. Also, how the dark sometimes needs to make itself known so the light can shine that much brighter when it makes its way to the surface. I related it to the whole notion that good needs evil to be considered good and vice versa.

Along the lines of light and dark, you could also compare the color of each girl..

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