Can this person be saved?

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"And this leads to the point of the last chance for change story... can this person be saved?" (Foster 230)

No. The answer is no. That is all I can think of as I read this passage. Honestly, I don't believe in "last chance for change" because there is truly never a last chance when it comes to change. People are continually changing. Sometimes that change comes to late, but there is never a last chance.

Another part of me wants to say that some people just don't change. Foster referenced a story which the narrator's brother served time for drugs and has since changed his life to become a jazz musician. The narrator  only  reconnected with his brother after the death of his daughter. While this sounds nice and wonderful, this is not real life. I hate that people always talk about the "last chance for change" stories when they speak about drug culture. That is how lives get ruined.

Talk to any relative of a drug user and they still refer the previous drug user as an addict. Once an addict, always an addict. Believing in the last chance for change will only hurt you more. I used to be one of those people who was always looking for the happy ending. It took many years to realize that sometimes there just aren't happy endings. You can't waste your life on someone who cannot help them self.  "Last chance for change" stories simply add to the addicts plea for sympathy. When they say they are doing better,  that they have  changed, you can never truly be sure.

I'm not sure why I decided to take this into a rant, but I guess I have a hatred for "last chance for change" stories.

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