So blind, so arrogant, so bigoted

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EL 266

"How could someone so talented be so blind, so arrogant, so bigoted?" (Foster 233)

Yes, I agree. But are they really being blind, arrogant and bigoted? Maybe we are not looking at the work in full context.

I fell like, as I was reading literary criticism of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn people were saying this about Mark Twain. Some people who did not recognize the satire in his story took him as being racist. I think this is a bunch of crap.

Seriously? I mean, the guy made some great jokes on society. Lighten up, take a second look.


Michelle Siard said:

I agree that people tend to take certain books too seriously. It almost seems like they are looking for an exscuse to pull the racist card. I mean Mark Twain was just writing about society back then and poking fun at it. No harm intended. I agree with you completley. Lighten Up!

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