Bernice and the Braids

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"She was passing Warren's house now, and on the impulse she set down her baggage, and swinging the braids like pieces of rope flung them at the wooden porch, where they landed with a slight  thud. 'Huh!' she giggled wildy. 'Scalp the selfish thing!' Then picking up her suitcase she set off at a half-run down the moonlit street."

I coulnd't help but find the end of the story funny. Bernice got back at Majorie in the end after all she endured throughout the beginning. It was great to see Bernice finally stick up for herself. Although I think she may have went a little far by cutting off the entire length of the braid, I was satisfied with the ending.


Jessie Farine said:

I thought the ending was enjoyable too. It's like the Greek idea of hubris, where some prideful character is brought down hard. Marjorie created a bit of a beast. I'd be a little more satisfied to have a sort of epilogue mentioning where Bernice went off to (if not back to her home) and Marjorie's reaction.

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