I Wish I Would Have Had This Book In High School

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"What happened to punctuation? Why is it so disregarded when it is self-evidently so useful in preventing enormous mix ups?" (Truss 13)

Where was this book when I was in high school? If I had come across Truss earlier on, this book would have probably become my bible for English classes. I had more explained to me in just a few chapters of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" than I did in many years of elementary and high school English classes. Some of the simplest questions that led to much confusion were finally answered and even better, fully explained. I could never remember simple punctuation rules such as the difference between "its" and "it's" or whether to put an addition "s" tp show possession after names that ended in "s". I can even remember during an English course last semester my class and the professor spent time discussing and trying to figure out if we should write "Jesus' " or "Jesus's" in our papers (the final decision was made that we should write it however we preferred).

What I loved about Truss was that she explained the reasoning behind the rule. Although I had previously learned the same rules (on more than one occasion), I could never remember them because I hadn't really been given an explanation to why they were so. Now, knowing the reasons why, I believe it will be much easier for me to understand them. Just Friday night, before I had finished reading this section, my roommate had asked me to help her with a paper. We ended up having a discussion on whehter she should use "whose" or "who's". If I had read the section earlier, I would have known the answer!

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Okay, thanks for this useful feedback about the book. Truss does a good job of being entertaining while also being instructive, and that's part of the reason why the book was such a hit. This book won't completely remove the need for drill-and-skill practice, but you're one of many students who have mentioned how useful the explanations are.

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