Not Common, but Not Rare

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"The third major point of view is the second-person, in which the narrator addresses the audience directly using the pronoun 'you', and assumes the audience is experiencing the events along with the narrator." (Hamilton 120)

I found this statement interesting because in high school I had always been taught that the second major point of view was second person. However, I believe this section described the concept in a more accurate way and made it clearer. Although I realize second person isn't as common as first or third person, I don't agree with Hamilton in the statement that it is rare. I have seen it too often to consider it rare.

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Angelica Guzzo said:

I agree that second person isn't that rare. i was suprised to see it's the third point of view. I assumed too that second person meant that it's the second point of view.

I think that I have read a few pieces of literature that were in second person, but they were mostly in the forms of an essay. The only other time was when I used to read the R.L. Stine books where you got to choose the ending...they let you make the choices in the book and it let you to different pages where you would make another choice. It was kinda crazy, but I thought it was cool because I was a little kid. :)
Great analysis, Katie!

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