Ruby's Worst Fear: Cancer or Having a Baby?

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"It was the one word that frightened her the most. She had thought the word cancer once and dropped it instantly because no horror like that was coming to her because it couldn't." (O'Conner 72)

I wonder how Ruby would feel about cancer towards the end of the story once she realizes she may be pregnant. Which would she fear the most, cancer or a baby? She relates both with death, fearing cancer because it would eventually kill her and fearing a baby because she believes children are just waiting around to make their parents dead inside.

Earlier in the story she had stated how she had feared cancer. But, if she were to have cancer, it would give her a better reason to move. If she is just pregnant, I doubt Bill would agree with her to move because after the baby would be born Ruby would have no trouble walking up and down the steps again. For Ruby, her feelings towards cancer may be more positive than having a baby.

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