Sharing the Simple Secrets

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"Isn't this sad? People who have been taught nothing about their own language are (contrary to educational exceptions) spending all their leisure hours attempting to string sentences together for the edification of others." (Truss 17)

I plan on sharing the rules Truss has explained in this section with my younger sister and a few friends. I remember in my Accelerated English 11 class, right before the PSSA, my teacher had to go overr comma, apostrophe, and other punctuation/grammar usage. Most of the students in the class, even though we were considered the top level students in our grade, couldn't remember most of the rules and concepts. The bad part was, when we did mess up these rules in our writing, our teachers would usually let it slide and failed to correct the mistakes or bother to explain the error. My sister is about to become a junior. With those dreaded state tests around the corner, I want her to feel more prepared than I ever was.

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